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The collection is a love letter to the mysterious physical realm. A plasma state is the fourth state of matter - neither solid liquid or gas. It is an altered state when a gas is heated as in Aurora and Lightening and after the big bang! These paintings show abstracted figures bathed in hyper vivid neon colors, with multiple faces juxtaposed. They are painted in acrylic and oils using multiple layers. ​ The collection is based on an experience I had when looking at a sculpture that bent and refracted light. My friend and I were divided then merged as in a plasma state that occurred at the beginning of the universe. It was entirely physical and felt like magic, no computer or virtual reality AI in sight. The power of original art is that it has a physicality to it that you feel when in it's presence. When I started painting this series in 2020 we were approaching the general election when people were in divided in alternate realities and separated by the pandemic. Somehow the anxiety of the current affairs filtered into some of the figures. The metaphor of a plasma state became more meaningful. After ions collide in hyper excited states, they then merge, emitting beautiful prismatic light as they come together forming new beginnings.

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