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Rainbow of Hope

Back in March of 2020 the pandemic was just about to take a grip and shut down Seattle. My last trip before lockdown had been to the beautiful Snoqualmie Falls and I was lucky to be there in the morning. The mist covered the falls and mountains, and a rainbow was just trying to break through - almost a rainbow.

As an artist I'm always chasing rainbows and I was filled with hope as the world around us seemed so uncertain and messy.

This week I have the pleasure of announcing that Rainbow of Hope over Snoqualmie Falls is on view in a group exhibition Portraits o the Pacific Northwest at Gage Academy of Art along with art by students and instructors of Gage.

Rainbow of Hope Over Snoqualmie Falls, Oil on Canvas, 16x12", Rachel Solimeno

The exhibition can be viewed online from September 15th to November 5th, and also in person viewings can be booked via Gage Academy from Monday October 10th at the Capitol Hill campus.

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are known for its majestic nature and scenery – from still blue lakes and craggy mountain ranges, to bustling city sidewalks and vertical urban skylines. In the Pacific Northwest, the landscape that surrounds us gives us the inspiration to create, a desire to adventure, and a love for the place we call home. The show features artwork from the students and instructors of Gage Academy of Art and captures our relationship with and sensibility for the imagery and wonder of the Pacific Northwest.

Examples include city life, mountains, surrounding towns, rain/snow/sunshine, urbanscapes, or bodies of water. Inspired by your views and vision, the exhibition will offer many perspectives – emotional, geographical, pictorial – of the Pacific Northwest's uniqueness. ALL ARTWORK IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! If you are interested in any of the pieces, please contact Events & Exhibitions Manager, Erica LeSuer, at, and she will assist in all sales.

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