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Taking The Leap into 2024

My last painting from 2023 was a commission, so I thought I'd share the back story.

Here it is on the easel

My client had been staring at a blank wall above their sofa for a few years trying to decide what to put there. They had seen one of my bubble being paintings and thought they'd love something like that but bigger.

The bubble being series began in 2020 and while I was blowing soap bubbles to find some joy amidst the pandemic. These figurative stacks of bubbles are reminiscent of meditative cairns, pebble stacks but are transparent floating, fragile beings, finding the balance. Each one taking on its own personality and humanistic gesture.

We sketched out many different gestures. They wanted something joyful so after many sketch ideas we decided on this one - taking the leap!

The painting proceeded through several iterations, balancing colors and refining.

After many layers of oil paint it was close to finished and we discussed any changes before varnishing:

Here's a view while varnishing.

The final painting was delivered and happy to say that t looks great in the airy space with large windows overlooking the mountains. Many of the room's accent colors are also reflected in the shining bubbles.

'Taking the leap!'

Oil on Canvas



My client was in the middle of a large career shift as well at this time, so the painting symbolizes taking a leap figuratively and metaphorically - something I identify with after leaving tech to become a full time artist!

If you are interested in commissioning a painting feel free to contact me here

I hope 2024 brings many new leaps of joy for you!



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