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2024 We Have Lift Off!

2023 brought many wonderful things and also heartbreak for many across the world. My wish for 2024 is to embrace hope and for the world to find peace,

When I'm feeling overwhelmed I turn to the outdoors and nature. I love painting from memory, trying to recreate the colors and feeling of those moments, and hope that art can bring joy and serenity to others in their own lives.

I'm honored that two of my 'figures in landscapes' paintings will be part of a group show at the lovely Fountainhead Gallery in Queen Anne, Seattle thru Jan 28th. Read on below to learn more about how and why I made these two pieces, and I hope you can join the opening reception if you're near Seattle! RSVP here.

Gage Atelier Alumni Exhibit

Opening Reception Saturday Jan 6th, 4:00PM–6:00PM

625 W McGraw St, Seattle WA 98119

Featured Artists: Ann Beame, Stephen Galey, Sonja Haroldson, Margaret Havens, Cecilia Herrera, Donna Lough, Nick Riesland, Martha Rogers, Ashwini Sadekar, Aleksandra Saronjic, Rachel Solimeno, Misa Steinmetz, Victoria Weber, Danika Wright

I wanted to share some of the back stories to these paintings here with you.

Pacific Beach

When I first arrived in the Pacific Northwest from the UK I was struck by the natural beauty and vast mountain ranges to the east and west - very different to the rolling hills of Southern England. I painted 'Pacific Beach' after visiting the huge beach at Seabrook, WA. I've always lived near the coast and love of looking at reflections in the sand at low tide. We stayed on the beach until dusk turned to sunset and I was taken by two girls off in the distance playing, lost in time in a pink and blue haze.

Pacific Beach, Oil on Canvas, 30x40", 2020

Fountainhead gallery has a wonderful feature where you can click to view the artwork, visualize in different rooms, customize the wall color and even upload your own room!

Up and Away!

Arriving from the UK, skiing and snow were very rare and exciting! I started taking my kids skiing when they were 4 and loved skiing with them but two years ago I snapped my ACL falling off a chair lift which wasn't very clever! Now I prefer to watch them from below and just love observing skiers taking off on the chair lifts. There's always an interesting angle, watching people chattering and enjoying themselves, the colors of the bottom of the skis.

Up and Away with Benjamin Moore's color of the year 2024 - Blue Nova

Up and Away, Oil on Panel, 12x12", 2023

I hope you enjoy this show! Subscribe to the newsletter to stay tuned for some other exciting art news from my studio.

Wishing you joy, peace and an artful 2024

Happy New Year!


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