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This series investigates how omnipresent machine learning algorithms see our faces under the hood. I generate elemental ghostly faces known as eigen faces which capture the mathematical essence of multidimensional training data. When layered together they create a new face, or they can be used to identify a specific person. A subset of my body of work is shown here, beginning with digital black and white machine-learned examples and followed by colorful physical artworks where the digital elements are combined using various experimental layering techniques along with paint, mixed media and found objects. Most of the works shown here are generated from 10 years of my own face selfies and family photos. These portraits peer inward at our essence from a machine's point of view, yet also reflect the wider context we all live in today with this omnipresent face technology. Please inquire for more information.

Painting With Math
A Window Into The Soul
Future Excavations

Hybrid collages of eigenface layers embedded in plastic shards. What will be excavated in 100,000 years?

Revealed Layers

What's above or beneath, what is the eigen face, and what is the painting? Things aren't always a they seem.

Deeper Impact

As we are constantly being analyzed by face detectors, mapping out our features and as we present ourselves on social media through filters - what is the psychological impact of technology?