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Welcome to the exhibition preview.

‘Emergence’ is a body of work that investigates the ways we are emerging from obscurity and choose to show our multiple selves. The paintings fragment and merge portraits with memories of the past. The feminine form evolves from the male gaze drawing on personal history and narratives based on Rachel’s glossy grandmother in the 1960s and time spent at home with the plants. Separation in this era of artificial intelligence is contrasted with one-ness with nature and each other, and the joy of the physical realm when we show our true high fructose colors.

I have tried to show multiple angles of each painting so feel free to click through the images to get a sense of the size and material. As always though it doesn't quite reflect the true nature and depth of the oil paintings and especially since they have the resin that gives an extra dimension.

I hope you can come to see the show in person, but if you can't and have any questions about the paintings don't hesitate to contact me.